Our Mission: To make meeting that special someone easier.

Dominican Passion makes dating simple and transparent. Our dating system connects Western and European men to Dominican singles effortlessly.

No more “Language Barriers”

Dominican Passion has a fully integrated translation engine built within each chat. No more needing to copy/paste a conversation to understand what is being said. Meeting someone without language getting in the way allows for real chemistry to be established organically.

Real Profiles by Real People

Don’t fall for fake or outdated profiles, just to lure you into signing up with little chance of connecting. All members are verified by email or Facebook. We guarantee each member on our system specifically created a website, and are not part of a network of various websites. If you find a member here, they want to be here.

Our Company

Based in The Woodlands, TX, JOM Diversified (our parent company) owns and operates many other online services. Dominican Passion was created with the goal of connecting real Western and European singles with real Dominican singles for the sole purposes of dating and perhaps more.
Due to the tourist-friendly nature of the Dominican Republic, JOM Diversified’s goal is to bridge the dating gap between singles that is based on distance and language.