Welcome to the Dominican Passion Help Center. Please see the answers below regarding various features and functions of the website. If you can’t find an answer to your question, please open a Customer Support ticket.

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Please email all of your photos as an attachment to support@dominicanpassion.com, along with:

  • Your username
  • The email address you used to create your account

Approval typically occurs within 24 hours. Please be patient.

We do offer a limited, one-time free trial to select new male members that meet the following criteria:

  • Must have at least one approved public profile photo clearly showing their face
  • Have a fully completed and detailed profile containing more than two sentences
  • Account must be active and visible to all Dominican female members
  • Profile must be in good standing (zero website policy violations)
  • Frequently logs in and reviews new Dominican Singles' profiles

When a member has been selected for a free trial, the free trial credits will be automatically added to their account, and they will be notified by email. Any and all free trials given are subject to the discretion and approval of the administrator

Not at all! A translator is automatically built into the website. English messages will translate seamlessly into Spanish, and their Spanish will translate into English. We do however encourage you to learn Spanish. If you plan to eventually meet someone, you want conversation and chemistry to be natural and unforced. Communication is key to accomplishing this.

Every country has its own slang terms, and the Dominican Republic is no exception! Although our automatic chat translation system is very accurate, there are words that simply only exist in a specific country or spoken among a small group of people. Words such as these can have alternate meaning when used in a particular context (example: The word 'pana' literally means corduroy, but is often used to by Dominicans to mean a close friend).

The best thing to do if you are confused by what you've read is to ask the Dominican single you are speaking with to clarify what they said. They will be happy to as they want you to understand them. Alternately, you can click the 'Spanish' button at the top to see exactly what they wrote. This is also a great way to learn and pick up the language.

Please note: Mis-spellings and uncommon abbreviations could also confuse our system. When in doubt, just ask!

Absolutely! Simple change the site language to Spanish at the top, and the entire site including the chat will display in Spanish.

No. To protect all of our members, we believe that personal information should be kept private. Publicly displayed personal information exposes your account to possible fraud, our website to potential liability, and violates both our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Our system automatically scans for personal identifying information within profiles, and removes whatever it finds.

Those found in violation will be given a first warning and have their account flagged for administrative monitoring. If there is a second violation, that user's account will be suspended pending administrative review. If you see someone you want to give your phone number to, please exercise discretion, common sense, and then send them a message.

Because Dominicans by and large rely heavily on their cell phones as their sole source of communication and technology, all Dominican members must have a Facebook account to register. This ensures of two things:

  1. The person is verified as real.
  2. The person is verified to be at least 18 years of age.

Many other dating sites use fake, stale or outdated profiles to make their sites look bigger than they really are. We also have recruiters in the Dominican Republic to ensure that each Dominican member on the site is real and of age. That’s what sets Dominican Passion apart from other online dating sites.

Although our website focuses on the Dominican Republic, it is available in over 20 countries, and offers foreign men the opportunity to date women from various countries throughout the Caribbean and Central America. Our focus is primarily the Dominican Republic due to its close proximity to the United States, our contacts within the country, and its appealing “tourist friendly” nature.

Private photos will only be shown to users that you interact with. A user will only see your private photos if you:

  • Wink at them
  • Respond to a Wink with a Wink

Photo permissions can also be revoked through the following steps:
Click the profile of the user you wish to remove permissions for.
Click the three dots (…) next to their profile towards the top, then select “Block”.

Blocking another member restricts them from sending you messages, Winks and viewing your profile.

To block a member:
Click the profile of the user you wish to block.
Click the three dots (…) next to their profile towards the top, then select Block.

In order for our existing members to have a positive experience on the site, we don't allow new accounts to send messages or gifts until they have completed a profile, uploaded a photo, and both have been approved.

Conversations are only available once a man has spent credits to unlock the conversation. Men can purchase credits by clicking the add credits icon in the top right of the navigation bar, and then click the Purchase button. Credits can be used to unlock conversations and send gifts to Dominican members.

If you have any further questions on this topic, please contact Customer Support.

Every member needs to have an approved profile and at least one photo to be able to use the website. Also, this website is available in select countries to reduce fraudulent activity.

Yes, if you deactivate your account, you may log back in to reactivate it. You’ll be sent a reactivation email with step-by-step instructions.

No. Our system does not allow for more than one account to be registered to the same email address.

Reset your password here. Be sure to input the email address you used to create your account.

SUGGESTION: Check your spam/junk mail folder if you do not see a prompt password reset email. Occasionally, email providers will automatically mark our messages as spam.

Login to your account.
Click on “Settings,” located in the upper right hand corner of your profile dashboard.
Enter your new email address.

First, please be sure are you entering your username (or email address) and password correctly. If you need a new password, please reset it here. Be sure to input the email address you used to create your account.

SUGGESTION: Check your spam/junk mail folder if you do not see a prompt password reset email. Occasionally, email providers will automatically mark our messages as spam. If you still cannot log into your account, please contact Customer Support.

No problem. Please contact Customer Support, and be sure to spell out the month to avoid date format confusion.

Please contact Customer Support, providing both your current and desired username, keeping in mind that we do not allow last names in usernames.

You will need to deactivate your current account (see entry below) and create a new one. Unfortunately, you will not be able to reuse the email address you used for your current account because our system does not allow multiple accounts to be registered under the same email address.

For privacy and security reasons, we are unable to deactivate your account for you, only you can deactivate your account. Please follow these simple steps to do so:

Login to your account.

Click on “Settings”, located in the upper right hand corner of your profile dashboard.
You will find the “Deactivate Your Account” button at the bottom of the Settings page.

NOTE: Once you deactivate your account, your profile will be removed from search and will no longer be viewable by other members.

To report a member:
Click the profile of the user you wish to report.
Click the three dots (…) next to their profile towards the top, then select Report.
Fill in the form with a description of the reason you are blocking them.

Male members can send gifts that are available through the website to Dominican members. All gifts are payable using account credits. Dominican members can also request gifts. Please keep checking our gift catalog, as we are working on adding more gifts over time.

We provide estimates in US dollars of how much credits for cell phone reloads cost including fees, fluctuations in the exchange rate, and taxes charged by the carriers. However, due to the various cell phone plans offered by providers, we cannot tell you exactly how many actual minutes a Dominican member will have loaded onto their phones. Typically, credit amounts of 11 or more are the most common. When in doubt, ask the Dominican member.

Typically 10 minutes or less.

All floral deliveries are typically done within 24 hours from the date of ordering. However, during certain times of the year (Christmas, New Years, Valentine’s Day, Semana Santa, Dominican Mother’s Day), it is best to send flowers as soon as possible. Our florists will attempt to contact the Dominican member by phone or Whatsapp prior to delivery Once they have been delivered, we will notify you. We will attempt to deliver the arrangement as shown on our website. However, substitutions of equal or greater value will be made if unforeseen circumstances arise such as high demand of a particular flower for example.

No. Once you unlock the conversation of a Dominican member, you can talk to that member for as long as you both mutually would like to. Credits are only deducted from a male member’s account when they unlock a conversation or send gifts.

Please check your spam/junk mail folder for the activation email. Occasionally email providers will automatically mark our messages as spam. If you do not see an activation email after a few minutes, or in your spam/junk folder, please contact Customer Support.

You will see one of the following on your credit card statement:


We can issue a credit refund when:

  • A user gets their profile removed from the site by an Administrator.
  • A user you have contacted is subject to an action of our automated security system.

If any of the above applies to you, please contact support to request a refund, and provide the user name of the specific Dominican member to which your request relates.

You can also check your credit history for automated refunds. The credit history is located under the Credits tab on the Settings page of your account.

In what situations is a refund not possible?
We will not refund credits if:

  • The user you contacted has an active (i.e. not deactivated) profile and simply chooses not to respond to your message. Credits open up the possibility of communication, but are not a guarantee that a user will respond or go on a date with you.
  • You have already exchanged messages with the user.
  • You provide to or receive from the user any personal contact information (including but not limited to phone numbers, email addresses, chat screen names, social networking pages, personal websites, home/business addresses, etc.).
  • You have gone on a date with the user.