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These Terms of Service apply to your use of the Dominican Passion page whose link is and the network of websites known as "JOM Diversified." This site is owned and managed by JOM Diversified, a registered company located in The Woodlands, Texas.

By using the Dominican Passion site (the "Site") and, taking into account the mutual benefits for you and for JOM Diversified in relation to your use of the Site and / or becoming a User and receiving the benefits of the Service, you You agree to be bound by these Terms of Service (this "Agreement"), regardless of whether you have registered as a JOM Diversified user or not ("User").

If you decide to become a User, communicate with other Users and make use of the JOM Diversified service (including any service offered by us through this Site or any service offered by us through any program / documentation (collectively, the "Program") ) downloaded by you from this Site and / or any instant messaging functionality used by you in connection with such Program) (collectively, the "Service") offered through this Site, you must carefully read this Agreement and indicate acceptance of the same by following the instructions provided when creating an enrollment in this Site.


This Agreement establishes the legal and mandatory terms of use of this Site, the Software and its enrollment in the Service. These terms may be revised or modified by JOM Diversified on certain occasions.

Representation and minimum age

You must be at least 18 years of age to register as a User of the page or to use the Site. Access or use of this Site by anyone under the age of 18 is strictly prohibited. By using the Site and / or Software, you represent and warrant JOM Diversified to have the right, authority and ability to enter into this Agreement and to abide by the terms and conditions thereof.

Terms of the Agreement

This Agreement will remain in effect and take effect while you use the Site, the Software and / or while you are a User. You may cancel your registration at the time you wish, for any reason, by following the cancellation and termination process stipulated on the Site or by sending a written notice of termination to JOM Diversified. JOM Diversified reserves the right to cancel your registration at any time and for any reason without prior notice.

In the event of termination of this Agreement for any reason, you agree to continue to be governed by the terms and conditions of this Agreement.

Use of the Site

Use of this Site and your enrollment in the Service is exclusively for your personal use and should not be used in connection with any commercial activity.

Organizations, companies and / or businesses may not register as Users and shall not use the Service and the Site for any reason. Illegal or unauthorized use of the Service, including the collection of user names and / or email addresses for the purpose of sending unsolicited email and / or establishing links in or creating frames (entering the content of the Site into a page) web of a third party) without due authorization, will be investigated and, if verified, JOM Diversified will take the pertinent legal measures, including, but not limited to, civil and / or legal solutions.

Payment services
In general

By purchasing any of the Services we offer, you authorize JOM Diversified and account operators to save your card information and any other information related to payment. You also agree to pay the fees for all Services as well as all additional taxes, and reimburse us for the collection and interest expenses for the amounts owed. The costs and charges for services obtained are not refundable, and there will be no returns on unused services in full during the period designated by the subscription except (i) as expressly established in this agreement, (ii) as required by law applicable and (iii) in the sole and absolute discretion of JOM Diversified. Prices for payment services are subject to change without notice.

The costs and charges for services obtained are not refundable, and there will be no returns on unused services in full during the period designated by the subscription except (i) as expressly established in this agreement, (ii) as required by law applicable and (iii) in the sole and absolute discretion of JOM Diversified. To request a refund, please use the contact form included in the page.

You agree to provide us with your current and correct billing information, in addition to immediately updating that information (including address changes, credit card number and expiration date), as necessary to process pending payments to JOM Diversified. You should also notify JOM Diversified immediately if your payment system has been canceled (as in cases of theft or loss) or if there is a possible security breach related to it. If you choose not to provide us with such information, you will be responsible for any of the accumulated expenses and costs for the services purchased.

Cancellation of Subscription

To change or cancel your subscription, go to the page and go to the "Registration" section, and follow the instructions. If you cancel your subscription (or your JOM Diversified registration), all benefits will continue until the end of the established time, but your subscription will not be renewed after the expiration date. You will not be reimbursed for the proportional part of the payment of your subscription, unless required by the established law.

Use of the Service

You accept the absence of liability of JOM Diversified in the event that any content maintained or transmitted on this Site or through the Service is altered, delimited or suspended. You acknowledge that the features, parameters or other services provided by JOM Diversified may change at any time without prior notice. You acknowledge that JOM Diversified reserves the right to disconnect, cancel or delete your registration by remaining "inactive" at the sole discretion of JOM Diversified. If you break this Agreement and consequently JOM Diversified cancels your account, you will not be entitled to a refund of payment for any part of the unused registration.

Your use of the Service will be subject to any limitations, conditions and restrictions established by JOM Diversified at any time. JOM Diversified may also alter, suspend or discontinue any aspect of the Service including the availability of any feature, database or content and JOM Diversified may impose limits on certain features and aspects of the Service (or restrict its access to all / parts of the Service). Service) at any time without prior notice or legal responsibility. Your registration and details are private and should not be used by anyone other than you and you are solely responsible for the use and activity of others in the Service using your password and registration.

Use of the Software

In addition to the other terms included in this Agreement in relation to the Software, you further agree to and / or have knowledge of the following:

Diversified JOM grants the non-exclusive personal, non-transferable (without the right to sub-license, rent or borrow) to use the Software exclusively connection with your use of the Service (the "Software License");

you will not have the right in any way to copy, reproduce, sub-license, rent, loan, assign, separate, translate, or create derivative works from or from the Software;

In order to protect the property rights of the JOM Diversified Software, you agree not to remove the JOM Diversified property and copyright data applicable to the Software;

the term of the Software License will commence from the day from which you download the Software and will expire automatically without JOM Diversified requiring you to give prior notice on the day (i) that you leave for any reason to be a JOM Diversified User or (ii) termination of this Agreement;

once the termination of the Software License has taken place, you agree to abstain from using the Software;

JOM Diversified provides you with the Service on an "as is" basis and, except as strictly provided in this Agreement, JOM Diversified does not provide warranty or liability for economic damages or losses that may result from the use of our program and its performance including , and without limitation, any warranty or condition of merchantability for a particular purpose or any that arises by statute, by law, or otherwise related to the Program, its use, its result or any ability to use or access the Program;

Property rights

JOM Diversified owns and owns all property rights, title and interest in and each of the Sites, the Service and the Software (and all modifications, changes and documentation, code and logic that this Software describes). The Site and the Software contain copyrighted material, trademarks and / or other proprietary information of JOM Diversified and its partners. All other trademarks, logos, company names and third party products included in this Site are the property of their respective owners. Except for any information that is in the public domain or unless you have prior written consent of JOM Diversified, you agree not to copy, modify, publish, transmit, present, re-transmit, distribute or sell any information contained in this Site or the Software.

Content Published on the Site

You agree that JOM Diversified may review and delete any published content of a public or private nature, messages, photos, videos, profiles, text or other written or graphic content, materials or communications (known as "Content") that may be , in the opinion of JOM Diversified, violate the terms of this Agreement or which is considered offensive or illegal and / or may violate the rights or otherwise harm or threaten the security of any User.

You are solely responsible for the content you post on the Service or which you transmit to other Users.

Given that we provide the Service and that we allow you to post Content in any area of the Site, you grant automatically, and you guarantee that you have the right to grant JOM Diversified the irrevocable, non-exclusive, right to use, copy, publish , I distribute Any Content originally published by you in any public area of this Site (known as "Public Content") and prepare derivative works of, or include in other works, such Public Content, and give and authorize the license of the above mentioned. You also waive any and all moral rights to be identified as the author of such Public Content posted by you in any area of this Site and any similar rights in any jurisdiction. For purposes of this paragraph, you agree that any Content that you post in any private area of this Site and consequently republish in any public area is considered Public Content and that although such Content is republished by you in any private area of this Site, it will continue to be considered Public Content.

The list below is a partial and non-limited list of the Content classes that is illegal or prohibited for publication or use on the Site. JOM Diversified reserves the right to investigate and take pertinent legal action against any person (including any User) that violates this condition, including but not limited to, the right to remove the Content from the person charged on the Site and the Service and to cancel the registration of said person.

This includes the Content that:

is considered offensive to the online community, such as the type of Content that promotes racism, intolerance or physical harm or of any kind against any group or individual;

is considered a type of harassment or that encourages harassment of another person; is related to the transmission of "junk mail", chain emails or unsolicited messages or "spamming";

promote information that you know is false, incorrect or that promotes illegal activities or abusive behaviors, threats, obscenities and / or slander;

promote the illegal or unauthorized copying of other people's work protected by copyright; is related to commercial activities and / or sales without the prior written consent of JOM Diversified Active (such as contests, bets, exchange, advertising and pyramid schemes).

You will use the Service in a consistent and appropriate manner with any applicable regulation and law. You will not include in your profile any contact details such as phone numbers, addresses, full names, URLs or email addresses.

You will not participate in promoting advertising, or requesting from other Users the sale or purchase of any product or service through the Service, You will not transmit chain mail or junk mail to other Users. Although JOM Diversified can not monitor or control the conduct of its Users outside the Site, use any information to harass, insult or injure another person or with the objective of contacting, offering advertising or selling to another User without their prior consent, considers a violation of this Agreement.

Prohibited practices

In connection with your use of this Site and the Service, you expressly agree that you will not: persecute or otherwise abuse, annoy, threaten or cause any emotional distress or violate the rights of any person (including any of the employees or user support members of JOM Diversified);

commit any criminal act or offense, including and without limitation, pornography practices, crimes of any kind or violating us will violate any of the laws that apply to the respective jurisdiction;

publish, distribute or share any indecent, violent, obscene or slanderous material or information;

will express that any comment you make involves JOM Diversified active without our prior authorization or written consent;

publish or offer the sale of any product or service or conduct or re-send surveys, contests or chain emails;

use any robot, search / application site, or other manual or automatic tools to obtain, store, or reproduce in any way the navigation structure or presentation of the Service on this Site; remove any copyright, trademark or other proprietary right included in this Site or the Software or in connection with the Service or violation of any copyright, trademark or other intellectual property right of others;

will interfere with or disrupt the Service or this Site or the servers or networks connected to the Services or this Site or obtain or attempt to gain unauthorized access to the Service or to this Site by either removing any authentication or security tool or having access to information without due authorization or using an enrollment / account without authorization or attempt to overload the Service or its resources through any attack or any attempt to access the network;

publish, send by email or transmit any Content that includes virus software or any other code, file, trojan horses or programs designed to interrupt, destroy or limit the functionality of any software or hardware or telecommunications equipment;

manipulate identifiers in order to camouflage the origin of any information transmitted to this Site or through the Service;

"will copy" any part of the Service, without prior written consent of JOM Diversified and will not use links or code or other tools that contain any reference to JOM Diversified or this Site or the Service with the goal of directing any person to another Site for any purpose;

modify, adapt, sublicense, translate, sell, reverse or dismember any portion or aspect of the Service or the Software or cause others to do so.

About the Copyright

You must not publish, distribute, or reproduce in any way any copyrighted material, trademarks or other information without obtaining the written consent of the owner of these rights.

Complaint Procedure

You are solely responsible for your interaction with other users of Dominican Passion and Pasión Dominicana reserves the right, but has no obligation, to monitor disputes that arise between you and other Users. In the case of having any complaint about the use of the Site or the Service by another User, please contact our Customer Service Department using the Contact Us link on the Site.

Content published

JOM Diversified is not responsible for any incorrect or inaccurate Content that is posted on the Site in connection with the Service, whether it has been the responsibility of any user of the Site or by any equipment or program associated with or used in the Service. JOM Diversified is not responsible for the conduct, either online or offline, of any user of the Site or Member of the Service. JOM Diversified assumes no responsibility for any error, omission, interruption, cancellation, defect, delay in operation or transmission, failure in communication, theft, destruction or unauthorized access to, or alteration of, users' communications.

Limitations and Exclusive Solutions

To the maximum extent permitted by law, JOM Diversified will in no case be liable to you or to third parties for any indirect, punitive, special, incidental or consequential damages (including, without limitation, loss of funds, loss of data or programs, for the cost of acquiring substitute services, interruption of service or physical, emotional or financial damages that occur as a result of contact with other users) and arising from the use of the Site, the Software and / or the Service or the inability to Use the same, even if JOM Diversified and its associates have been advised of the possibility of these damages occurring.


Any dispute arising as a result of your use of the Site and / or the Service will be protected under the laws of the State of Texas, United States. You express your consent to irrevocably submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Texas, the United States or any other judicial district or jurisdiction as stipulated by JOM Diversified in any of its actions and disputes. The parties agree that the development of this Agreement, in all respects, will not take place outside of the jurisdiction of Texas, the United States.


You agree to defend, exonerate and exempt JOM Diversified, its subsidiaries, affiliates, investors, directors, agents, partners and employees from any loss, claim, cost, procedure, action or claim made by any third party as a consequence of the use of the Site, the Software and / or the Service, in violation of this Agreement and / or as a result of non-compliance with it.


JOM Diversified reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to correct, modify or vary ("corrections") the Terms and Conditions of this Agreement at any time and such corrections will be valid from the moment they are published on this Site. . You agree to periodically review the Terms and Conditions of this Site to be aware of any correction and you agree that your continued use of this Site, the Software and / or the Service will be covered by these Terms and Conditions. If you do not agree with the corrections, you must refrain from using this Site, the Software and the Service.


Except as clearly stated in these terms and conditions, JOM Diversified reserves the right to send you notices, at any time, via email, by mail or by posting on this Site.


You agree that the electronic pages you enter on this Site are written documents and that by clicking on any button such as "OK" or "I agree", "proceed", "continue", "approve", or buttons of similar character will have the same legal effects as if you had signed directly. You acknowledge that any document archived or produced by JOM Diversified through electronic means means or becomes sufficient evidence in relation to all purposes for which such documents were established.


This Agreement, together with any rule, privacy policy, guides and other agreements, which have been previously accepted by you for the use of the Site and / or by becoming a User and using the service, contains the entire agreement between you and JOM Diversified in relationship with the use of the Site and / or the Service and / or any Software.

JOM Diversified expressly reserves the right to assign all or any of the rights or duties under this Agreement to any third party and, in this case, JOM Diversified will be released from any liability under this Agreement.

You do not have the right to assign this Agreement or any rights you have in relation to the Service to another person. JOM Diversified expressly reserves the right to assign all or any of the rights or tasks of this Agreement to third parties and, if so, JOM Diversified will be relieved of any liability.

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